Three Wholesome Stories by “Blogi Comics” Depict Situations That Happen to Most Girls




In recent years, Instagram has become a platform where artists can share their work with a global audience. Among these artists is “Cassey Ho,” an illustrator and comic artist who creates wholesome comics that resonate with young girls and women around the world. Cassey Ho is a fitness entrepreneur, YouTube personality, and social media influencer known for her Pilates-inspired workout routines and health and wellness content.

The wholesome and uplifting nature of Blogi Comics is one of their distinguishing characteristics. She frequently shows women and girls standing by one another and encouraging one another in the face of adversity. Her comics urge kindness toward oneself and others, as well as self-love, body positivity, and mental health. Many of her cartoons feature scenarios that women and girls deal with on a daily basis, including managing anxiety, navigating relationships, and battling self-doubt.

Through her comics, she is able to combine her passions for art, storytelling, and health and wellbeing. Her relatable content, captivating flare, and dedication to her craft have earned her a devoted following on Instagram and elsewhere.  It will be interesting to see how, as she creates and shares more art, her message of self-love and positivity inspires her 581,000 followers.

In the following part, we’ve collected her most recent three tales. By clicking here and here, you can view some of his earlier comics on boredcomics.

Credit: Blogi Comics

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