Blogi Comics Perfectly Captures Fitness and Everyday Situations (38 Drawings)

In the hands of a talented artist, comics can perfectly capture the humor, relatability, and challenges of working out and living a healthy life. Comics are a powerful medium for storytelling, and they can be used to explore a wide range of topics, including fitness and everyday situations. Comics can show readers that they are not alone in their struggles and triumphs, and they can offer a source of support and encouragement.

For example, a comic about a woman struggling to get out of bed to go to the gym may resonate with readers who have had similar experiences. The comic may also offer some humorous advice or encouragement, such as “Just tell yourself you’ll only go for 10 minutes, and then you can decide if you want to stay.” Let’s explore some of her best comics in the next section. You can also read some of her previous posts on Boredcomics by clicking here, here, here, and here.

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#1. What’s Worse?

#2. Wardrobe

#3. Good Friend vs Best Friend

#4. Different Kinds of Dreams

#5. What are you wearing?

Blogi Comics is a webcomic series created by Cassey Ho, a fitness instructor and entrepreneur who is also known as Blogilates. The comics are drawn by Daniel Kordel and are available on various platforms, including Instagram, the Blogilates website, and Webtoon. The official Instagram account for Blogi Comics is @blogicomics. The account has 584,000 followers and features a mix of comics, illustrations, and personal posts. The webcomic follows the adventures of Cassey and her friends as they navigate life, fitness, and food. Blogi Comics is known for its humor, relatable characters, and positive messages.

#6. Ketchup Lovers

#7. Last One

#8. Summer Lover

Ho started Blogi Comics in 2010, and the comic has since become a popular destination for fans of webcomics, fitness, and lifestyle content. Blogi Comics has been praised for its diversity, its empowering messages, and its ability to connect with readers of all ages. Her comics can also be used to educate readers about fitness and healthy living. For example, a comic about the different types of exercise or the importance of eating a balanced diet can be a fun and engaging way to learn about these topics.

#9. Life Cycle of a Barbie

#10. The Evolution of Eyebrows

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