20 Blanche Draw Comics Shows Her Silly Everyday Experiences

We’re back with more comics from a creator who makes relatable comics for her audience. Let me introduce you to another artist by the name of Blanche.Draw on her Instagram account. Blanche is a Montreal-based artist. Blanche now has more than 29,700 followers. Her comics are clever and appealing, exploring the everyday lives of young girls. According to her bio, she likes to draw funny cartoons but also participates in fantasy and adventure stories.


She describes her work as being simple but expressive, capturing the joy of everyday life. She also creates tattoos. In her free time, she loves reading books and sketching. Her comics, which sometimes have a hilarious touch, focus on events that young women may relate to. Her artwork is often inspired by her personal experiences and those of the women in the neighborhood. Let’s look at her top 20 comics.

Credit: Blanche.Draw

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#1. It’s winter


#2. He’s drawing


#3. Woke up

#4. Sale


#5. Motivating

#6. Cold


The artist, who graduated from UQO with a Bachelor of Arts in Comic Arts, creates creative paintings that show her everyday relatable experiences as a girl. Just as much as she enjoys laughing, she likes to create comics that will make other people laugh. Blanche stated that she had a great time making comics. It’s a really adjustable medium for expression.

#7. Not Sure

#8. Promote Post


#9. Stay Away

#10. Bath is blocked


#11. So Stupid

#12. Finally Complete


#13. Stupid Things

#14. Horror


#15. Let me sleep

Her comics skillfully portray the ups and downs of this journey, with individuals struggling with self-doubt, following their interests, and ultimately accepting who they are. She expertly mixes clever speech and comedy into her comics to create moments that generate laughter and a sense of belonging among readers. If you find her comics interesting and want to enjoy them more, then be sure to visit HereHere, And Here.

#16. Something to tell


#17. Super School

#18. Dark Side


#19. Be sensitive

#20. Change content


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