20 Comics Often Focus on the Humorous Moments of Science and Nature


Science and nature, despite their profound and serious aspects, often reveal a lighter side filled with moments of humor. It’s as though the universe has an occasional sense of whimsy. From the playful antics of animals like otters sliding down slopes just for the fun of it to the odd and quirky behaviors of certain birds and insects, these moments provide a refreshing break from the rigors of scientific exploration. These humorous moments remind us that, even in the realm of science and nature, laughter and wonder go hand in hand.

Credit: Bird and Moon

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#1. Like a Bird


#2. Zero Flavor

#3. Santa Theory


#4. Toad

Nestled in the digital expanse of the internet is a charming corner that combines two seemingly disparate worlds—science and humor—in perfect harmony. Bird and Moon is a comic series created by the talented cartoonist and science communicator, Rosemary Mosco. This online haven serves as a delightful canvas for Rosemary’s unique and creative comics, where science and nature take center stage. Rosemary Mosco’s knack for translating complex scientific concepts into witty, accessible, and visually appealing comics is what makes Bird and Moon truly exceptional.

#5. Rodenticide


#6. Wild Turkey

#7. Shore Birding


#8. Nemesis

#9. Mega


#10. Springtime Advice

She is a cartoonist and writer working in science communication. It’s a website where Rosemary Mosco posts her comics. The website features a collection of her unique and creative comics, which often focus on science and nature. The website also includes a store where fans can purchase Bird and Moon merchandise. She also has an Instagram account with the handle @rosemarymosco, where she posts her artwork and comics. Her Facebook account has 202,000 followers and features a collection of her unique and creative artwork.

#11. Sea Creature Butts


#12. Bee Mine

#13. Naturalist Hike


#14. Steller

#15. Couple Costume Ideas


#16. Excuses

Her comics are a whimsical bridge between scientific knowledge and artistic expression. They captivate readers with humorous insights into the natural world, making the mysteries of nature seem not only approachable but downright delightful. In an age where science and communication meet artistry, Bird and Moon soar above the rest. Rosemary Mosco’s ability to blend humor, science, and art into a single canvas is a testament to the power of creative storytelling. So, if you’re curious about the natural world and want to experience it through a different lens—one that’s both enlightening and entertaining—visit Bird and Moon and take flight with Rosemary’s wonderful creations.

#17. Four Stages


#18. Winter Birds

#19. Mate Choice


#20. That’s so rare!

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