20 Times This Artist Takes a Relatable Note on Relationships and Everyday Life

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Art is a form of communication, and relatable themes help artists connect with their audience. When artists explore everyday life and relationships, they tap into shared human experiences, making it easier for viewers or readers to connect with and understand the artwork. Artists often serve as cultural mirrors, reflecting society’s norms, values, and challenges. Addressing relationships and everyday life allows artists to comment on societal issues and changes, providing viewers with thought-provoking content.


Credit: Imbroken Comics

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#1. Trying to sleep

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#2. Only Essentials

image 1565

#3. Don’t get it

image 1566

#4. Different Seasons

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Many artists find that creating art about relationships and everyday life serves as a therapeutic outlet. It allows them to work through personal experiences, cope with challenges, and find catharsis in the creative process. Rae Crawford, as an artist who explores these themes in her comics, likely shares similar motivations with many artists who delve into these subjects. Imbroken Comics is a set of comics created by Rae Crawford. She is a Canadian illustrator and comic artist who is known for her relatable and funny comics about mental health, relationships, and everyday life.

#5. Freelancer

image 1568

#6. Motivations

image 1569

#7. Getting Healthy

image 1570

#8. Vegan

image 1571

#9. Hotdogs

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#10. Therapy Group

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Imbroken Comics is a webtoon series that follows the adventures of a young woman named Rae as she navigates the ups and downs of life. Rae is a relatable character who struggles with mental health issues, anxiety, and self-doubt, but she is also determined to live her best life. The comics are often funny, but they also deal with some serious topics in a thoughtful and sensitive way. Crawford uses her comics to share her own experiences with mental health and to help others feel less alone.

#11. What’s for dinner?

image 1574

#12. Project

image 1575

#13. What’s the assignment?

image 1576

#14. Objection!

image 1577

#15. Makeup Store

image 1578

#16. What have I done?

image 1579

Rae Crawford draws inspiration from her own life and relationships. Personal experiences can serve as a wellspring of creativity, allowing artists to convey authentic and relatable emotions and scenarios in their work. She has 2,434 Instagram followers. Her artistic vision, life experiences, and unique perspective likely come together to inspire her to create artwork that resonates with audiences through its relatable themes of relationships and everyday life. Ultimately, artists like Rae Crawford seek to create art that speaks to the human experience and provokes thought and emotion in their viewers.

#17. Self Doubt

image 1580

#18. Relatable

image 1581

#19. Beauty Products

image 1582

#20. Guidelines

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