Here are 20 Bella Illustrations About Daily Experiences Being a Girl

Bella Illustrations is an Instagram account that shows what it looks like […]

Bella Illustrations is an Instagram account that shows what it looks like to be a girl. She was created by a female artist whose goofy name was Bella Maris. She is a Thai illustrator based in Belgium who creates comics and illustrations about daily experiences and relatable things. The artist describes herself as a full-time mom and part-time artist. She mostly creates comics about her daily life in a hilarious way.

Like many others, she began her path to artistic fame with a passion for drawing that developed at a young age. Bella’s early years were filled with drawings on notebook borders that, as she grew, became stories and characters. But her passion to share her art with the world was really inspired by her journey to Belgium. She currently has 111,000 followers on social media. Let’s enjoy some of her best comics in the following section.

Credit: Bella Illustrations

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#1. as a mom

#2. Happy New Year

#3. Dress


#4. Halloween Costume

#5. Eyeliner

#6. Hilarious


According to the artist, she is an introverted girl who uses painting as a means of self-expression. She draws comics that represent every scenario that could happen in real life. There are so many girls who relate to these illustrations. This artist depicts the situations that every girl experiences on a daily basis. The majority of the comics have an optimistic mood, even though the artist sometimes depicts challenges associated with motherhood.

#7. How time goes

#8. Cleaning Time

#9. so relatable


#10. Every year

#11. During shower

#12. Style


#13. Alarm

#14. Nice one

Even if every girl has an independent life, the artist claims that most women have some characteristics in common. She draws drawings about topics that are appealing to women. The illustrator uses her daily experiences as inspiration for her comics. She is an expert at capturing everyday challenges and knows how to humorously put them in her drawings. For more of her comics, simply click here.

#15. What’s your name?


#16. Insult

#17. Thick Girl Problem

#18. Different Moods


#19. Different Seasons

#20. Not Feeling Well

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