20 Girls Comics About Daily Life Moments by Female Cartoonist Bella

We would like to present to you today Bella Maris, who is the artist whose content we published before on Bored Comics. If you want to enjoy her earlier work, then click here and Here. She is a Belgian comic artist of extraordinary brilliance. Bella is well-known for her comics that portray everyday events and the everyday lives of a typical girl. Even though she is the inspiration for the comics, we are very sure that most of us have encountered situations very similar to her own.

Like many other artists, the artist had an early passion for painting before she rose to fame. She claims that the early notes Bella drew on a notepad gradually turned into stories and people. But her passion to share her art with the world was greatly inspired by her trip to Belgium. She presently has 110,000 followers on social media.

She is the artist who thinks that although most women display specific routines and all females have independent lives, Her artwork represents the interests of women. She is excellent at humorously capturing commonplace struggles in her paintings. The illustrator of comic books finds inspiration in her daily experiences. You can check out her best comics in the following gallery.

Credit: Bella Illustrations

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#1. First Photo

#2. Body Image

#3. House Cleaning


#4. Fitting Room

#5. Pet Lover

#6. Listen To Music


She is characterized by the artist as an introverted girl. She draws comics that show any scenario that could happen in real life. Many girls can relate to her humor. This artist depicts the events that every girl encounters on a daily basis. Though the artist does sometimes depict parenting challenges, the general mood of most of the comics is joyful.

#7. Workout Videos

#8. Period Days

#9. Look what i made


#10. How dare You?

We wanted to find out what Bella had in mind for the comics. She says that any event in her life may be made into a comic book. She would draw these actual events after classifying them according to what she believed most people could relate to. The artist does take pleasure in selecting the color scheme and coloring my illustrations. She enjoys using colorful, playful colors in her work to make her comics eye-catching.

#11. Thanks Giving Dinner

#12. Hair Cutting


#13. Cute Little angel

#14. Cooking recipe

#15. Hugging


As of right now, one of her primary interests is drawing humorous and girly comics that portray her life with her boyfriend and their dog. The majority of her drawings can be categorized as slice-of-life stories. Through her brilliant comics, the artist has essentially made it her responsibility to make her viewers happy, and the wonderful love she has received over the years has only inspired her to keep going.

#16. Doing the dishes

#17. Don’t do your hair on a humid day 

#18. Too Heavy


#19. Pain Level Extreme

#20. Jump Suit Problem

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