20 Bella Illustrations Show Funny Situations That Happen in Girls Lives

An Instagram account named Bella Illustrations illustrates what it means to be a girl. Her creator was a woman named Bella Maris, who is both a mother and an artist. She is a Belgian illustrator who makes comics and illustrations based on ordinary things that people can relate to. The artist identifies as a part-time artist and a full-time mother. She generally makes amusing comics about her everyday life.

The artist started her journey to artistic glory, like many others, with an early connection to painting. She says that sketches on notepad boundaries from Bella’s early years eventually developed into stories and characters. However, her trip to Belgium served as a major inspiration for her desire to spread her art throughout the world. On social media, she presently has 110,000 followers. Here are a few of her best comics for your enjoyment.

Credit: Bella Illustrations

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#1. Fries

#2. When the vacuum cleaner makes that sound

#3. Spring


#4. So Relatable

#5. Roar

#6. Old Friend


The artist describes her as an introverted girl. She creates comics that depict every possible event that might occur in real life. Her comics resonate with a lot of girls. The situations that every girl faces on a daily basis are portrayed by this artist. While the artist occasionally illustrates difficulties related to parenting, the majority of the comics have a positive tone.

#7. Running Outside

#8. amazon

#9. So True


#10. Monster

#11. Driving

#12. Dishes


#13. Period

#14. Anything

All girls have an independent life, but most women have some behaviors, according to the artist. She illustrates women’s interests in her drawings. The comic book illustrator draws inspiration for her work from her everyday life. She is skilled at depicting everyday difficulties in a hilarious way in her paintings. If you want to see more of her comics, then click here.

#15. Life with Dog


#16. Halloween

#17. Ready

#18. My house my rules


#19. Love yourself and the ones who love you

#20. So Pretty

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