20 Awoo Comics Shows The Adventures of a Pair of Wolves in a Forest

Awoo Comics is a series of humorous comics created by the brilliant artist Andy Stuart. He is also known as AC Stuart. He is the artist who creates comics based on a cast of woodland creatures. His comics are mostly based on a pair of wolves named Kevin and Pink Wolf. In his comics, middle-aged deer and even a possum are also seen sometimes. He currently has a huge audience of 104,000 followers on his Instagram account.


The main characters in his comics are two wolves who like talking about their problems, experiences, and day-to-day activities. In his comics, two wolves usually take part in a conversation in which each other discusses their opinions or personal experiences on a particular subject. His characters are likeable and relatable, so people who like him can relate to them easily. Scroll down to see some of his best comics.

Credit: Awoo Comics

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#1. Being Sensitive


#2. Sunglasses


#3. That’s Not Scary

#4. Expert


#5. Luck

#6. So Surprised


There are three main characters who make his comics more interesting. Kevin is relatable and mostly finds himself in hilarious situations. He struggles with self-doubt and has a surprising soft spot for tiny creatures. Pink Wolf is fearless and always up for a challenge. In the middle of the conversation between the wolves, Bernard provides helpful advice to show his presence. 

#7. Beast Car

#8. Hilarious


#9. More Teeth

#10. Going To eat


#11. Free universal wolf schools

#12. So Hungry


#13. Legends

#14. Sad Song


#15. Poetry

The cartoonist decided to continue cartooning full-time after starting his career as a writer and illustrator. His cartoons address the problems and circumstances that animals deal with on a daily basis. The main goals of the artist’s comics are to entertain as well as motivate his audience. His brilliantly colored comics explore topics such as friendship, investigation, and self-discovery. If you want to enjoy more comics, then click here and Here.

#16. Dream


#17. Spawn Camping

#18. Prancing


#19. Incorrect

#20. Off Day


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