20 Awoo Comics Shows the Adventures of Two Wolves Living in a Forest

AC Stuart is a talented artist who has gained a significant following […]

AC Stuart is a talented artist who has gained a significant following of 78,700 on Instagram for his unique and whimsical style of artwork. The web comic depicts the tale of two wolves named Kevin and Pink Wolf, who live in a large forest full of strange woodland creatures. The unique fusion of adorable and spooky features in Awoo Comic‘s artwork makes them captivating and appealing, attracting viewers from all around the world.

The comics created by Awoo Comics feature a pack of wolves who like talking about their problems, experiences, and day-to-day activities. Audiences can easily relate to the characters since they are likable and relatable. In his comics, two wolves are usually having a conversation in which each character shares their thoughts or experiences on a specific subject. Let’s explore his best comics by scrolling down.

Credit: Awoo Comic

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#1. Super Power

#2. Tough Shell

#3. Just in case


#4. Time you enjoyed wasting was not wasted

#5. What a fun game

#6. Magic trick


In his comics, the artist employs a variety of characters, including Possum, Middle Wolf, and Deer. He also used a pink wolf character in his comics. This artist’s comics are primarily meant to uplift and amuse his readers. His comics tackle themes like friendship, adventure, and finding your place in the world, and they have bright colors and colorful characters.

#7. Wallet

#8. Good Morning

#9. Wistful


#10. Killer instinct

#11. Boredom

#12. Talk


#13. Automation

#14. Going green

#15. Awoo


The cartoonist began his career as a writer and illustrator before deciding to pursue cartooning full-time. Although he claims to have the biggest regret collection in history, his comics demonstrate how well he inspires his audience and spreads happiness. I hope you all enjoy his comics. If you want to enjoy more comics, then click here. Remember to share and leave a comment on this blog.

#16. Goodnight

#17. Favor

#18. One Wish


#19. Affirmation

#20. Support

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