20 Zena Comics Shows Everyday Life Experiences and Relationships

It’s easy to become overwhelmed by worry, deadlines, and the feeling that there is never enough time in the day-to-day routine of our busy lives. But in the middle of such routine, laughter is a strong treatment. Laughter is not merely a pleasurable experience. And comics are the best way to acquire your recommended daily intake of humor. For that reason, we have a great selection of comics for you.

Today we are here to introduce you to a good web comic named Zena Comics. The Instagram account Zena Comics belongs to a comic artist named Zena, who creates humorous and relatable web comics. The account has over 4,510 followers and features 162 posts, including comic strips and behind-the-scenes glimpses into Zena’s creative process. We have compiled a few comics in the following section. Let’s take a look at some of her best comics.

Credit: Zena Comics

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#1. Passport Photo

#2. Fantastic Progress

#3. Wake Up

#4. The party of good intentions

#5. I think they like it

#6. Deep Breadths

Zena talks about relationships and ordinary life in her comics. They are known for their witty humor and relatable characters. Her work focuses on expressive characters and concise storytelling in a clean, straightforward style. She is active on Instagram and regularly interacts with her followers through comments and stories. Her fans eagerly await each new comic she releases.

#7. Practice

#8. Sweat Shirt

#9. Time to get healthy

#10. Don’t leave

#11. Danger

#12. Share

#13. Time to relax

#14. Adult

Although she has not had enough audience, her comics are worth watching. She typically posts new comics on Fridays, but she also frequently shares personal updates and behind-the-scenes content throughout the week. Overall, Zena comics is a fun and engaging account for fans of web comics and relatable humor. If you’re looking for a laugh or want to connect with a talented artist, I definitely recommend checking it out.

#15. Cats

#16. Pretty Good

#17. Google

#18. Number of arguments

#19. Christmas

#20. Sorry

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