20 Average Girl Comics Shows the Relatable Experiences of a Young Woman

Average Girl is an Instagram account that is famous for creating comics based on the relatable experiences of a young woman. The brilliant mind behind this comic series is a female artist whose good name is Laura Romagnoli. Her comics are always based on the creator herself, who experiences struggles in everyday life. Basically, this comic series shows the average adventures of an average girl.

Her honest drawings show the joys and challenges of being a typical girl. Her comics are funny and adorable, and the characters are genuinely realistic. She is following 71,600 people on Instagram. For everyone who has ever felt like they’re simply trying to survive in life, her comics are a must-read because of their relatable characters and humor. You will definitely get a smile on your face and happiness when you read her comics. 

Credit: Average Girl

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#1. Photo Shoot

#2. Fun times with legs stubble

#3. Super Power


#4. Such a friendly Neighbor

#5. Golden Medal

#6. Angry


She draws comic strips about an everyday woman facing hardships. Through her relatable drawings, she explores a number of strange and personal daily situations, bad luck, and dreaming from the perspective of a young, aspiring artist. It highlights the humor and challenges of being average, which means someone who isn’t extraordinary but still has interesting and funny things happen to them.

#7. Laptop

#8. All Done

#9. Bucket List


#10. Sad Feelings

#11. Motherhood

#12. Famous Betrayals


#13. Dating tips

Her comics have a lighthearted and funny take on everyday situations. From awkward moments to relatable struggles, the comic finds humor in the ordinary. She also looks at how important family and friends are to the main character. It presents relationship ups and downs in a way that is relatable. For more enjoyment, simply click here and here.

#14. Alone

#15. Job Interview


#16. Childhood

#17. Quote Marks

#18. Night time


#19. good vs Evil

#20. Comfortable

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