Here are 20 Whimsical and Colorful Illustrations by Ankita Jain to Brighten Your Day

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Girls, like everyone else, experience a spectrum of feelings, and relatable artwork helps them connect with and express their own emotions. Whimsical illustrations often feature captivating characters and stories that allow girls to escape into different worlds and adventures. These characters may be relatable role models or companions in their imaginative journeys. This inclusivity reinforces the message that everyone’s unique experiences and backgrounds are valued and important.


Whimsical illustrations that celebrate diversity and inclusivity provide an opportunity for girls to see themselves represented in the art. Felicitous and colorful illustrations have a universal appeal that transcends age, but they hold a special place in the hearts of girls. They provide an artistic space for imagination, emotions, stories, and positive messages that inspire, entertain, and connect with the experiences and aspirations of girls around the world.

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Credit: Illustrationsby_aj

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#1. Ever Experienced?

image 453

#2. Smile

image 454

#3. Uncontrollable

image 455

#4. Sleep Immediately

image 456

#5. Singing a Song

image 457

#6. Finally Weekend

image 458

Ankita Jain, known by her Instagram handle “Illustrationsby_aj,” has captured the hearts of many with her whimsical and colorful illustrations that are deeply relatable to girls and people of all ages. Through her art, Ankita has crafted a world that celebrates the beauty of girlhood, friendship, and the shared experiences that bind us all. She has gained a significant following on Instagram, with 75,600 followers and 1,896 posts. Her work often features bright colors and whimsical characters, and she shares her art with her followers through posts and stories.

#7. Best Way

image 459

#8. Socialize

image 460

#9. Silent Phone

image 461

#10. It all depends upon you

image 462

#11. It’s just not enough

image 463

Some of Ankita Jain’s popular posts on Instagram include a doodle of a person holding a cup of coffee with the caption “But it’s really tough!” and a comic about the struggles of being a morning person. Her work has been praised for its relatability and humor, with many fans expressing gratitude for her ability to make them smile and brighten their day. In addition to her illustrations, Ankita Jain also shares her thoughts on various topics, including mental health and self-care. Her Instagram profile is a space for creativity and positivity, and she encourages her followers to embrace their own creativity and pursue their passions.

#12. Life is so boring

image 464

#13. Make me spend more

image 465

#14. Being an adult

image 466

#15. Social Life

image 467

#16. That’s a power in itself

image 468

#17. Need to Weigh!

image 469

#18. That’s about everyday

image 470

#19. Only way of saving

image 472

#20. It’s all about stress

image 471

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