Here are the 25 Adorable single-panel illustrations to which Girls can Relate




Each girl has something that makes her special. They do each, in fact, have unique approaches to the issues they face on a daily basis. In addition, they have original ways of achieving happiness, such as eating, shopping, or spending the day in bed. Moreover, some girls favor spending their money at the salon, while others prefer to save it for clothes, food, or high heels.

There are some similar things that most ladies share, even if every girl has a unique existence. Let me give you a little introduction to the artist, Ankita Jain. She creates illustrations on subjects like these that appeal to girls. The artist creates comics from the events of her everyday life. She specializes in capturing existing issues and knows how to arrange them in a single-panel image.

As of right now, her Instagram account has 65,800 followers. Although each of her comics is about difficulties that young women face in their daily lives, they are not tedious or frustrating to read because they are beautifully colored and have a charming aesthetic. Her illustrations constantly make her fans laugh because of their pleasing color palette. Hold your breath, ladies, because these illustrations below are so universal. But don’t worry; let’s laugh at our difficulties so that we may all get over our worries.

Credit: illustrations by_aj

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