Cartoonist Andy Creates Twisted Comics Inspired by Everyday Life (20 Comics)




In our quest to understand the complex ecosystem of human existence, we turn our gaze to the curious case of cartoonist Andy, whose comics serve as a vital field guide. These comics, akin to carefully collected specimens, offer glimpses into the intricate web of human interactions and quirks. With a keen eye for detail and a touch of whimsy, Andy dissects everyday life, revealing the hidden connections that bind us all. So, join us as we continue this voyage through the world of Andy’s Twisted Comics, where the everyday transforms into a spectacle worth savoring.

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Credit: Andy Babbitz

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#1. Feeling Stuck

#2. It’s Good Luck

#3. Home Plants

#4. I can’t remember

#5. Bloating

Just as a chef artfully combines ingredients to create a masterpiece, so does Andy blend humor, observation, and a dash of absurdity to craft his unique comic dishes. These bite-sized morsels of amusement are the culinary delights of the comic world, tantalizing our taste for laughter with each new creation. Savor the flavors of everyday life as Andy serves them up with a twist.

#6. Gig Post

#7. Final Test

#8. Work

#9. You’re more muscular

#10. Next Song

Andy Babbitz creates a variety of art, including comics, illustrations, and fine art prints. His art style is simple and approachable, with bold lines and bright colors. He uses a mix of traditional and digital media to create his comics and illustrations. Babbitz’s comics often feature unexpected twists and are inspired by everyday life. He currently has an audience of 31,200 on his Instagram account.

#11. Let’s Get Ready

#12. Strict Dress Code

#13. Public Rest Room

#14. My Stomach

#15. Ice to See You

In the world of comics, history is etched in ink, and humor is the buried treasure. Andy, the intrepid archaeologist, excavates the layers of everyday life, unearthing the relics of absurdity. These comics are the artifacts of our time, offering a glimpse into the customs, rituals, and follies of contemporary existence. In the end, Andy’s comics are more than just a collection of twisted tales inspired by everyday life.

#16. List

#17. Real Life

#18. Don’t Give Up

#19. I’m fine

#20. Bank Account

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