An Artist Creates Hilarious Comics About Everyday Life with Unexpected Twists (20 Comics)




American digital and comic artist Andy Babbitz resides in Los Angeles. His pictures frequently have twisty, hilarious, and unexpected ends since he is a creative genius. He’s a gifted cartoonist who makes hilarious drawings that hilariously depict ordinary occurrences in life. He frequently uses scenarios that are universally familiar in his comics, but he also adds surprising, perhaps ridiculous, components that elevate the humor. His main goal is to make his fans happy through his relatable comics about everyday life.

One of Babbitz’s recurring themes is the struggle of living in a world that doesn’t always make sense. His comics often feature characters who are frustrated by the illogical nature of their surroundings, and he uses humor to point out the absurdity of everyday life. Babbitz’s art style is simple and approachable, with bold lines and bright colors. He uses a mix of traditional and digital media to create his comics, which gives them a unique and dynamic look.

His characters are often caricatures of real people, and he does an excellent job of capturing their expressions and body language to convey their emotions. In addition to his comics, Babbitz also creates illustrations and animations for clients in a variety of industries, including advertising, publishing, and entertainment. He has worked with major brands like McDonald’s, Pepsi, and Nickelodeon, and his work has been featured in publications like The New Yorker and The Wall Street Journal. He currently has an audience of 30,600 on his Instagram account. Let’s take a look at some of his best illustrations.

Credit: Andy Babbitz

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#1. Useless fact

#2. Strangers at the cafe

#3. Spine, never heard of her

#4. True ghost story

#5. How was the concert?

#6. Stay safe out there

#7. Eternal bliss

#8. Sneakers

#9. Watch later

#10. The dark lord latte

#11. You’re fly is open

#12. You listening universe?

#13. Quick call

#14. The future

#15. Super insecure man

#16. Dating assistant

#17. Nugget lover

#18. Not today

#19. Finally!

#20. Actual work

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