A Heartwarming Story About the Green Mermaid That Will Make You Sad (38 Drawings)

Andy Ivanov (@andivart) is an art director at Tiny Corp. and an illustrator for Disney. He is based in Kharkiv, Ukraine. His Instagram account (@andivart) has over 61,000 followers. Ivanov’s Instagram feed is a showcase of his colorful and whimsical illustrations. He often posts drawings of characters from popular culture, such as Disney princesses and superheroes. He also posts illustrations of his own original characters. In addition to his illustrations, Ivanov also posts photos of his work process and behind-the-scenes glimpses of his life as an artist. He also uses his platform to speak out about social and political issues, such as the war in Ukraine.

In the world of web comics, a Ukrainian artist by the name of Andy Ivanov made a splash in 2019 with a captivating and meaningful creation. “May, the Mermaid of Lily Lake” introduced readers to a stunning underwater world and a green mermaid named May, who quickly became a beloved character for over 339,000 Instagram followers. Ivanov’s web comic beautifully tells the story of May’s quest to save her home from the imminent threat of pollution and human development, emphasizing the crucial message of environmental protection and the fight for what is right.

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May’s character is nothing short of enchanting. As a green mermaid, she stands out in the underwater world, both visually and symbolically. Her unique appearance not only draws the reader’s attention but also serves as a metaphor for her unwavering commitment to preserving the natural beauty of her home, Lily Lake.

Beyond its powerful message, Ivanov’s web comic is a visual delight. The intricate artwork and vivid illustrations transport readers to the mesmerizing depths of Lily Lake. The underwater landscapes, the creatures that inhabit them, and May’s own striking design all come together to create a world that feels both magical and real.

To the dismay of many series fans, the artist stated in his posts that this story is concluded and will not be continued. But Andy also mentioned that he will be sharing some sketches of the couple’s lives as well as brief accounts of their travels. We will therefore continue to witness the Green Mermaid and her human boyfriend in the future.

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