Artist Shares The Sequel Of The Green Mermaid Story That Hit People In The Feels

There are some creations hidden in social networks, which deserve to be seen by the whole world. And it is that behind all this, there are great graphic artists who have simply created extraordinary works of art.
That is precisely the case of Andy Ivanov, who has managed to capture the attention of all his followers with the moving story of a mermaid who lives in a lake. In 2019, Andy released the first part of this dramatic but heartwarming story, which was a huge hit on the internet.

And it is that the tender story of a mermaid who fell in love with a human, was acclaimed by all her followers. So much so, that in fact now, Ivanov has wanted to create a second part for it and continue in a new chapter the adventures of this peculiar but charming green mermaid.

Now, we are going to present you the new illustrations that this extraordinary artist brings us, with which we will know a new chapter in the love story between this green mermaid and a human. What are we going to be surprised with this time? Here we bring it to you completely.

In addition, we have also included the first part, in case you had not been able to enjoy it. And is that after being so successful with his illustrations, the author of this story wanted to comment on the following:

“For the 1st time I decided to participate in the annual #mermay challenge. I thought it would be interesting to put the illustrations together and make a little story, instead of making a different mermaid every day. I was not expecting so much resonance, ”.

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#1 Chapter 1 of May, the mermaid of the lily lake.

2# She is May, a mermaid hidden inside the lake.

#3 But what has happened!

#4 Please don’t die! Ah! I already know how to bring you back to life.

#5 What is that beast? We must capture her immediately.

#6 Aha! I already have you beast, this time you will not save yourself.

#7 Hey! Everything is fine? We have already been able to catch her, don’t worry.

#8 I have made a serious mistake. She in captivity will not live.

#9 I must do the right thing. Come on, I’m going to take you back to your true home.

#10 We have arrived, it is time for you to regain your freedom…. Hey guy! Stop right now or I am capable of shooting you.

#11 Oh God, what is happening? No please don’t kill him.

#12 This is the petal of life, it will bring you back to live…. You’ll be fine.

#13 Live please, breathe again!

Now, we present the continuation of this story, so that you know what happened between May’s love and her human:

#1 Time to open your eyes and wake up, come on.

#2 How is it possible that he is alive?…. Come with me to this place that I want to show you now …

#3 Oh my! He has not left yet … we are going to hide in a secret place … That was what I wanted to show you …

#4 No one will be able to find us there. You can be sure.

#5 This lily represents my life, and I gave you a petal of it so that you could live. Now, you have a part of me in you.

#6 So this was where they were hiding, now they won’t be able to escape from me.

#7 But… what the hell is this? Some kind of treasure or something?…. Please don’t destroy my flower, or I could die.

#8 Don’t you dare lay a hand on the lily!

#9 No! My flower…

#10 He’s gone! And it was all my fault! Can not be!

#11 Forgive me my love, I did not want to hurt you at any time.

#12 The end

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