20 Amby Comics Shows Her Relatable Experiences as a Young Woman

Amby Comics is a web comic created by a female Indian artist named Amby Vaingankar. She creates comics that depict her experiences and observations about life, relationships, and being a young woman in relatable and humorous ways. Her comics focus on relatable themes from everyday life, like interactions with family, navigating long-distance relationships, and the struggles of being an adult.

Her comics are available on Instagram, where she goes by @Gotta_sketchum_all. Additionally, you are able to find her page by looking for Amby Comics on social media. Amby publishes comics as well as suggestions for young comic strip artists on her YouTube channel. In addition, she has 122,000 Instagram followers, which is a big following. Her finest comics are included in the section below.

Credit: Amby Comics

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#1. Small Size

#2. Future

#3. Everything is Cake


#4. Crying

#5. Smile

#6. Time Machine


Amby does not hesitate to portray the awkwardness, frustrations, and joys of everyday experiences. Her comics show relatable situations like breakups, family dynamics, and the pressure to be an adult, all with a refreshing honesty. Amby’s comics feature herself as a character of all shapes and sizes, promoting a positive body image.

#7. We all do this dance

#8. Pimples

#9. Collection


#10. Pressure

#11. Brilliant Dream

#12. Getting Sick


#13. Dentist

Amby’s journey began on Instagram, where she continues to share her comics with her dedicated following. The success of Amby Comics has led to collaborations with brands and recognition from publications. Her work resonates with a large audience, particularly young women, who find comfort and inspiration in her relatable characters and honest portrayal of life’s challenges. For more of her comics, you have to click here and here.

#14. Struggling

#15. Wax


#16. Play Room

#17. Look Beautiful

#18. Periods


#19. Bill Payment

#20. Halloween

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