20 Amby Comics About Struggles That Every Girl Can Relate With20 Amby Comics

Women are involved in all aspects of society, but some situations naturally affect and touch women more than others. And with this, it is quite safe to say that being a woman in today’s society is not an easy task and it has undoubtedly been quite a bumpy one. Comic artist Amby Vaingankar from India finds inspiration in these little everyday difficulties and portrays them through her webcomic titled: Gotta_sketchum_all.

Although funny, they perfectly capture her daily experiences, her mother, and even her long-distance relationship with her boyfriend. The artist has been illustrating for over 4 years and has since amassed 129,000 followers on Instagram. From choosing the right outfit to finding ways to spend less money, we’ve rounded up the latest from Amby for you to check out. It is guaranteed that all girls will find them relatable. Take a look, and enjoy!

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#1 The Best Financial Advice Ever.

#2 The ONE-HOUR Determination.

#3 It’s Extra Guy’s World. We’re Just Living In It. 


#4 Only If Making Fun Of Your Broke Life Made You Rich.

#5 How Did The Bond Girls Do It?

#6 Confidence Makes You A Good Driver.


#7 Mood Swings Are Inevitable.

#8 Making Money Is Not As Easy As Spending It.

#9 The Antidote For Boredom Lies In The Fridge.


#10 A Cute Dress Is Different From A Warm Outfit.

#11 Read Email 500 Times Before Sending.

#12 Girls vs girls.


#13 There’s Always More To Cleaning A Room.

#14 If Only A Mirror Can Be Carried Everywhere & At All Time.

#15 Find Someone Who Can Bear The Unbearable With You.


#16 Leaving The Bed Is Always The Hardest Every Morning.

#17 Dentists And Small Talks: They’re Unseparated.

#18 When Your Mom Overestimate Your Abilities.


#19 Asking For Help Is Harder Than Imagined.

#20 The Mess You Made Will Always Be Waiting For You.

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