Here are 20 Amanda Panda Comics That Will Make You Laugh out Loud

These days, it’s nearly impossible to avoid engaging in mindless daily social […]

These days, it’s nearly impossible to avoid engaging in mindless daily social media exploration. The best thing you can find on social media is comics. Enjoying comics is the best way to utilize your free time and forget about your everyday struggles to feel relaxed. By reading these humorous jokes, you can brighten your day and make lengthy workdays enjoyable. For this reason, we’re bringing you yet another excellent collection of funny comics.

Let me introduce you to a new webcomic named Amanda Panda Comics. It is a well-known webcomic that follows the day-to-day activities of an artist who also happens to be a single mother and lawyer. She currently has an audience of 11,700 Instagram followers. Many publications, including the Associated Collegiate Press, which named her the 2019 Cartoonist of the Year, have praised her work. Her top 20 comics are available in the section below.

Credit: AmandaPanda Comics

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#1. Fire Works

#2. Build a Bear

#3. Hilarious


#4. Captain

#5. Switch

#6. Opossum Facts


The artist chooses to remain anonymous for her audience, which is why she does not reveal her name. She draws comics mostly during her free time, at night or during her lunch breaks, for the Internet. She is a true art enthusiast and hopes to make people laugh. Her comics are always amusing to her fans.

#7. Weekend

#8. Requirements

#9. Memorial Day


#10. Deposed

#11. The Diagnosis

#12. Horoscope


#13. On the case

#14. Mother’s Day

Her comics are frequently incredibly odd and weird, but they are always funny to read. She never fails to amuse her audience with her fabulous drawing skills. Her comics are always eye-catching and worth watching. If you also enjoy her comics, then don’t forget to like and share this blog. If you want to enjoy more, then click here.

#15. Date Night Magic Trick


#16. Monster in the Closet

#17. Bad Kitty

#18. Coffee Ground


#19. Spring Break

#20. Moon

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