Here are the 20 Quirky and Fantastic Comics by “Amanda panda Comics”

Nowadays, it’s practically impossible to resist engaging in daily mindless social media browsing. Make your day worthwhile by reading these amusing jokes, which will definitely make the long workdays worth while. Let’s present the popular webcomic “AmandaPanda Comics,” which chronicles the daily activities of an artist who identifies as a lawyer and a single mom.

She creates comics for the internet, drawing them primarily in her leisure time, either during lunch breaks or at night. She aspires to make people laugh and is a true lover of art. It turned out that comics are helpful for artist Amanda, who deals with anxiety. Her work has won praise from various sources, including the Associated Collegiate Press, which named her the 2019 Cartoonist of the Year.

Her comics are frequently incredibly odd and weird, but they are always funny to read. On Instagram, she presently has 12,700 followers. With her trademark snarky flair, Amanda tackles everything relevant, from funny personal experiences to fatherhood. We’ve collected her 20 funniest ones, which are sure to have you in stitches. By scrolling down, you can view these comics. Enjoy your day!

Credit: AmandaPanda Comics

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