29 hilarious comics by Polish artist Verauko

What is the secret to becoming a successful creator? Develop artistic mastery, generate more ideas, and have a great social media presence? Try them all. And if you need an example, Natalia Trykowska (also known as Verauko) is the perfect one. She is a highly productive Polish graphic designer/digital artist in London, UK. Her commercial projects aside, Verauko also regularly draws comics and has already earned her almost 48,000 followers on Instagram.

“I try to vary the themes as much as possible, the first thing that comes to mind is illustrated,” Verauko told Bored Panda. “That’s why sometimes you’ll see me drawing real-life situations and sometimes some random imaginary siren issues. There are absolutely no limitations when it comes to topics. The only topic I’d rather stay away from would probably be politics.”, as my knowledge on that subject is very limited and I much prefer to draw things that bring people together rather than divide them.”

Over the years, she has mainly dealt with graphic design and digital drawing. The first is the result of Natalia’s work experience in advertising, while the second is a form of passion that has followed her since she was a child.

For Natalia, coming up with the idea is the most difficult part of the creative process. “I’m lucky enough to have a good imagination when it comes to visual things, but when I have to come up with a story, my mind often goes blank,” added Verauko. “That’s why most of my comics are ‘problems’ from everyday life, for example, naked butts randomly appearing on the streets or fits of nervous laughter in coffee shops – all those silly, random situations really happen to me. I and that’s why I draw them”. Natalia said that working on the drawing is relatively easy when she finishes developing the idea.

And her experience shouldn’t come as a surprise, as Verauko took her time developing it. She has a Bachelor of Arts from the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology. Please scroll down to see her comics and vote for her favorite pieces.

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