Artist Creates 30 Wacky Comics With Twist Endings That Will Probably Have You Hooked

Artist Creates 30 Wacky Comics With Twist Endings That Will Probably Have You Hooked

It is a fact that a sense of humor is inevitable in our lives. Without funny things or jokes, we would live in a tedious and exhausting mood throughout our lives. Therefore, finding things that make us happy and make us laugh is significant. And comics are a good source of entertainment. Especially the crazy comics with unexpected endings below will make you laugh out loud.

Ben Zaehringer is a famous creator of this tremendous comic which is very popular among youngsters. That would explain why he has over 186 thousand followers on Instagram and you can guess his fame from the number of fans. If you are wondering what is the appeal of this artist’s artwork, here are some funny illustrations from his collection, known for his black humor. Scroll down to see the deliciously dark comics for yourself!

#1 “What a jerk”

#2 It’s outdated. Now people prefer guns”

#3 “Google is the best friend of everyone. Remember that, son”

#4 “Run!”

#5 “The lesson is done. Thanks, Jeremy”

#6 “Is it better?”

#7 “He knows”

#8 “Doctor. What’re you doing?”

#9 “Finally we know”

#10 “I don’t know whether you succeed but look …”

#11 “It’s just half of a week since I didn’t see my fishie, why did it happen?”

#12 “So?”

#13 “Just wait, we will calculate again”

#14 “I gave you legs, what else?”

#15 “Pay me soon, son. Bae, calm down. Everything is fine now”

#16 Do you believe in that?

#17 Stacy has set a new relationship with you.

#18 “You will never know what is waiting for you”

#19 “In another life…”

#20 Can you relate?

#21 How to change the past?

#22 “It hurts! You promised”

#23 “Block Steve!”

#24 “Please, bring me some Internet”

#25 “That’s cool”

#26 “Your computer has just got a virus problem”

#27 Monster: “Forget it”

#28 “I want to have friends, but why do they keep ignoring me”

#29 Relatable?

#30 But where does he get alcohol on the island?

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