20 Zakkunda Comics Full of Dark Humor and Horror Situations to Amuse You

Horror and dark humor can be a way to confront fears and anxieties in a safe environment. By laughing at scary situations, we can release tension and feel a sense of relief. Such comics can divert our expectations about what is scary or funny. This can be refreshing and keep us engaged throughout the comics because there are surprising twists in every panel of the comic.

In the comic book community, there is an Instagram account with the username Zakkunda, although it is not very well-known. He is an American artist well-known because of his sharp observations, dark humor, and original artistic style. He often draws on events’ dark humor to make his audience laugh. This explains how he manages to gain 1,299 Instagram followers. See his top twenty comics in the next section if you enjoy dark comedy.

Credit: Zakkunda Comics

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#1. Going to Survive

#2. Getting Weirder

#3. Take My Hand


#4. Babies

#5. Long Hair

#6. Meaning of Life


He is a talented cartoonist who has become well-known for his illustrations on everyday issues, social anxiety, and spiritual dread. Even though the comedy in his comics comes from a dark or cruel place, he claims that it is still funny and approachable. It adds to the illustrations’ humorous quality, which makes his comics well enjoyed by fans.

#7. Important Issues

#8. Fight

#9. Idiot


#10. Exist

#11. Last One

#12. Feel Nothing


#13. Just Creepy

#14. Sucker Punch

He shares his most recent work on social media sites like Instagram. His comics have appeared in a number of publications. However, it just includes details about his work history and not his comics. We hope all of you loved his comics. Visit our website as we post articles about new comic artists every day if you are looking for more comics of this kind. We hope you have an amazing day.

#15. Push to Be


#16. Let’s Do

#17. Cough

#18. Forest


#19. Missed

#20. Time to Brush

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