20 Tragic Girl Comics Shows the Relatable Issues Faced by Many Women

Tragic Girls is an Instagram account that was created by female artist Katie Mansfield. She started this comic series in 2017. She is the artist who makes comics on relatable issues faced by many women, such as anxiety, self-doubt, and the pressures of daily life. The main reason to make comics on such topics is to create a space where women can feel understood and validated in their struggles.

She regularly addresses topics including relationships, mental health, and social commentary in her illustrations. She manages this in a way that is both touching and funny, providing readers with a fresh perspective on the challenges they face every day. Now, she has a huge following of 314,000 people who follow her on her Instagram account. You will also become one of them after watching her best comics in the next gallery.

Credit: Tragic Girl

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#1. One Moment

#2. Friends

#3. Anything Relatable


#4. Death

#5. Wish

#6. Ready For Dessert


Although her writings may surprise some, her honesty and willingness to address difficult subjects are positive. Her sense of humor is one of her distinctive features. She calls out injustice and discusses social issues with humor and without fear. Her work forces viewers to face hard truths and reflect on their own preconceptions and ideas.

#7. Pit of Despair

#8. Halloween

#9. Monster


#10. Strange Creature

#11. Internet

#12. New Year


#13. Art

#14. Crypto

The capacity she has to deal with delicate subjects with sensitivity and compassion is another distinguishing characteristic of her work. Her ability to address challenging topics in a way that is both informative and enjoyable makes her writing approachable to a large readership. By using humor to address mental health and emotional challenges, she helps break down stigmas and create a more open conversation about these issues.

#15. Relatable


#16. Validation

#17. Just fish things

#18. True Love


#19. Trash

#20. Social Anxiety

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