20 Bevs Comics Shows Situations from Daily Life with a Touch of Anxiety

Bevs Comics is the Instagram account that was created by Krysten Bevilaqua. She is a comic artist who goes by the online name Bevs Boredom. Her comics focus on relatable situations from everyday life. She infused her comics with humor and a touch of anxiety. Her art style is characterized by expressive characters with big eyes and sharp features. She mostly uses simple backgrounds to keep the focus on the characters and their interactions.

In 2018, she began making comics as a means of improving her writing and drawing abilities. She has 171,000 regular followers on Instagram, which is a sizable and active following. She is famous for her friendly interactions with her followers. Bevs Comics is worth checking out if you are seeking a nice laugh and a relatable look at everyday life. Her comics can surely make your day better.

Credit: Bevs Comics

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#1. Make It Stop

#2. Brow Chat

#3. Family Albums


#4. Screams

#5. Intrusive Thoughts

#6. Anxiety


She is an illustrator who uses humor to illustrate realistic scenarios involving mental health, social challenges, and ordinary life happenings. In her comics, she creates a character named Bev. It is mostly based on her and how she approaches life’s challenges with humor. Her comics usually include challenging circumstances that tell us that we are not alone in our troubles.

#7. Not Alone

#8. Need a Change

#9. Wear a Mask


#10. Going really Great

#11. Going Out

#12. Must Save Mom


#13. New Hair

#14. Anxiety

She is extremely expert at expressing the awkwardness, nervousness, and little victories of living every day. Her comics resonate with readers because they can relate to Bev’s experiences, whether it be with self-doubt, social media struggles, or the pressure to be productive. You can access some of her earlier articles on Bored Comics by clicking Here And Here.

#15. Remember


#16. Winter

#17. Talk to me

#18. Enjoying talking


#19. Can Lift

#20. So Cute

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