20 Brand-New Relatable Comics about Relationship and Women Empowerment by Bevs Comics




A talented cartoonist named Krysten Bevilaqua is the author of the well-liked Instagram comic book series Bevs Comics, which examines the highs and lows of daily life. Bev has a devoted social media following of 176,000 thanks to her relatable and eccentric personalities. Bev frequently addresses issues like relationships, mental health, and societal commentary in her comics. She does so in a manner that is both humorous and moving, giving readers a new outlook on the struggles they deal with on a daily basis.

One of the things that sets Bev’s work apart from other artists’ is her ability to capture the essence of relatable characters. Her quirky and lovable characters are drawn with bright colors and bold outlines, making them instantly recognizable and relatable. Another unique aspect of Bev’s work is her ability to tackle sensitive topics with humor and sensitivity. She has a knack for addressing serious issues in a way that is both entertaining and informative, making her work accessible to a wide audience.

She has the talent to take ordinary circumstances and make them into recognizable and enjoyable comics. Bev has a talent for making her audience feel seen and understood, whether they are navigating the ups and downs of a new relationship or coping with the pressures of work. Her writing explores the difficulties of daily life in an engaging and illuminating manner. We are excited to see what she comes up with next because of her devoted social media following and distinctive manner. The section after that has 20 of her most current illustrations.

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Credit: Bevs Comics

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#1. Shows lots of affection

#2. Seasonal depression

#3. Seeing my armpits

#4. I hate it

#5. Armand ha sthe most fabulous hair

#6. This is a problem

#7. Love to cuddle

#8. They really don’t like you

#9. Introducing the reality monster

#10. Kiss

#11. That’s my baby girl

#12. No kissing without me

#13. Are you kidding?

#14. Naked afraid

#15. I am in remission

#16. I never cry

#17. Happy Women’s Day

#18. How is it possible?

#19. You are too far away

#20. Looking for notification

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