20 Wholesome Comics Follows the Everyday Life of a Blue Yeti


In a whimsical corner of the internet resides a blue yeti named Lars, and his extraordinary escapades are chronicled in the delightful webcomic world crafted by cartoonist Nick Seluk. Welcome to the enchanting realm of “The Awkward Yeti,” where the everyday escapades of this lovable creature, nestled within a forest abode, unfold with endearing hilarity.

Lars is no ordinary yeti. With a shade of blue that mirrors the skies and a heart as vast as the forest he calls home, his life is a series of relatable vignettes that tickle the funny bone. Through Nick Seluk’s artistic prowess, Lars’ world becomes a stage where the trials, tribulations, and mundane moments of existence transform into uproarious anecdotes.

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Credit: The Awkward Yeti

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#1. Doctor


#2. Over Watered

#3. Who can do that?


#4. Self Love

#5. Anxiety Hired an Assistant


The charm of Lars lies in his relatability. From navigating the complexities of friendship to grappling with the absurdities of modern life, each comic strip resonates with the audience on a profoundly human level. Lars embodies the universal experience of encountering life’s eccentricities with a blend of awkwardness and endearing charm.

#6. Evolution

#7. Shelters at home


#8. Is it cancer?

#9. Ice


#10. Always Tired

Within the vivid panels of this webcomic, life’s challenges morph into opportunities for laughter. Nick Seluk’s creation not only highlights the humor in life’s frustrations but also serves as a lighthearted guide, reminding us to embrace mishaps and find mirth in the mundane. A testament to Lars’ universal appeal is his staggering following of 1.9 million devotees on Instagram. Each follower is drawn to Lars’ world, finding solace and amusement in his whimsical adventures. The community built around Lars is a testament to the comic’s ability to weave laughter into the fabric of our daily lives.

#11. Brain Trial and Error


#12. Memory Lapse

#13. The Art Life


#14. The Caffeine Cycle

#15. Fat Cells


#16. Death

#17. Reverse


Lars the Awkward Yeti is not just a webcomic; it’s a portal into a world where laughter reigns supreme. It invites us to pause, reflect, and chuckle at life’s idiosyncrasies. Through Lars, we learn to embrace our quirks and fumbles, finding joy in the shared experience of being beautifully imperfect beings. So, step into the forest where Lars roams and embark on an expedition of laughter and empathy. Discover the enchantment of ordinary moments spun into extraordinary anecdotes, and let Lars the Awkward Yeti guide you through a whimsical journey where every hiccup is a reason to smile.

#18. Early morning phone check

#19. Health Trends


#20. Morning

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