20 Webcomic Name Comics Explores the Frustrations of Modern Life

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Today we are going to talk about an award-winning British comic artist. The artist’s good name is Alex Norris. He is best known for his relatable comics, which use humor to explore themes of existential dread, human relationships, and the frustrations of modern life. His signature style is a blend of witty dialogue and simple, clean illustrations. This series is based on more philosophical and sometimes dark humor.


The artist is best known for his Instagram account, named Webcomic Name. It mostly features surreal situations and absurdist characters. The artist behind this comic series is a recipient of several awards for his comic work. He is currently involved in a legal battle to protect the intellectual property of his comics. The artist has an audience of 761,000 followers on his Instagram account. You can check out some of his best comics in the following section.

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#1. Controversial

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#2. that is why i dress this way

image 1287

#3. Genius

image 1288

#4. what an intelligent baby

image 1289

#5. Life Drawing

image 1290

#6. Hero

image 1291

Norris enjoyed drawing comics as a child, a creative outlet that continued even during university lectures. Though Norris originally aspired to be a poet and studied English literature, a growing interest in comics led him to shift his focus towards creating his own characters and stories. While at university, Norris started creating this web comic known for its surreal and dark humor. 

#7. Flirt

image 1292

#8. Imagination

image 1293

#9. Fabulous

image 1294

#10. Joke

image 1295

#11. Like

image 1296

#12. Portrait

image 1297

#13. self-deprecating jokes

image 1298

#14. Scary

image 1299

#15. Little Animal

image 1300

Typically, the artist uses very basic sketching methods to create humorous three- to four-panel comics. He claims that, while he possesses many flawless sketching abilities, his good sense of humor allows him to connect with a wide audience. A small pink blob that finds itself in unpleasant situations turns into the comic book’s main character. For more enjoyment, feel free to click here.

#16. all the best art is made in a horrible little room

image 1301

#17. Protest

image 1302

#18. Natural

image 1303

#19. More Expensive

image 1304

#20. Muse

image 1305

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