20 Amity Comics Sums Up the Humor of Everyday Situations in a Relationship

Amity Comics is an Instagram account created by a couple who go by the artist names Leo and Lily. His comics primarily center on the couple’s life together, depicting the joys, challenges, and humor of everyday situations in a relationship. He is the artist whose work resonates with many readers because it captures the relatable moments couples experience. His comics are always amusing to those who are in relationships or have any experience related to them.


The artist behind this comics series says that the word amity itself signifies love, friendship, and affection, perfectly reflecting the themes explored in the comics. Leo handles the business side of things, while Lily is the artistic mind behind the illustrations. Due to this, he is able to gather an audience of 39,000 followers on his Instagram account. We have collected his best comics in the following section.

Credit: Amity Comics

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#1. Fine


#2. Pizza


#3. Falling in love

#4. Restaurant


#5. Birthday

#6. Hilarious


He continues on to point out that while being in a relationship is an amazing journey filled with love and companionship, there are challenges experienced along the way. These are the elements that strengthen the relationship of love. He creates comics on these subjects for this reason. Fans always like his comics about his daily life with his girlfriend.

#7. Revenge

#8. Fights should not be ruin your relationship


#9. Hate traveling without you

#10. Animals also feels same like humans


#11. Bathroom

#12. Coming


#13. Snug

#14. Secret


His comics illustrate humorous and realistic scenarios that they experience in their daily lives and relationships, illustrating their lives as a couple. He never hesitates to share his comics with his audience, usually drawing them about the ridiculous things he and his companion get up to. Remember to share his comics if you think they’re interesting as well. You can check out more of his previous posts Here and here on our website.

#15. Idea

#16. Baby


#17. Relief

#18. Ready


#19. Miss

#20. When you don’t find him 


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