20 Amity Comics Shows Her Adorable Everyday Life With Her Boyfriend


Although being in a relationship is a wonderful adventure full of love and friendship, there are difficulties along the way. These are the things that make the love bond stronger. There are many artists who make comics on such themes. One such artist on Instagram has a presence with the name Amity Comics. She is the artist who creates comics about her everyday life with her boyfriend.

This Instagram account is all about a couple, Leo and Lily. Her comics show their lives as a couple, portraying funny and relatable situations they face in everyday life and relationships. She always creates comics about the silly things she does with her partner and is never shy about sharing them with her audience. She currently has 39,400 Instagram followers. If you are a couple, you can enjoy some of her best comics in the next section.

Credit: Amity Comics

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#1. Your message is my happiness


#2. Love

#3. Very Curve


#4. Want you by my side

#5. Leo can’t take spiciness


#6. Jealousy

Lily is a character who does silly things, and Leo, on the other hand, is a calm character who faces all these. According to her, the primary motivation behind drawing all these absurdities is to make these comics reachable to people who are in relationships, as they portray the typical day-to-day activities of a long-term relationship.

#7. Hurting


#8. Some sleepless nights

#9. Getting Bored


#10. Spread

#11. Warm place


#12. Small things of caring

#13. So Smooth


#14. Always there for me

In amity comics, the couple is frequently seen having adventures together, hanging out with friends and family, and overcoming the difficulties that come with being in a loving relationship. Their appealing and accessible material has made them the most well-known. Their comics often show situations that a lot of people can relate to, providing a humorous yet realistic depiction of the ups and downs of living with a partner. For more entertainment, click here and here.

#15. look cute in wet hairs


#16. Food Wars

#17. The safest place in crowded place


#18. Lifting

#19. Mission accomplished


#20. Missing You

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