20 Two-Panel Comics by Kamping Chicken About Her Daily Life Happenings

Comics about daily life happenings can be enjoyable because they show everyday experiences that most people face. That allows readers to connect with the characters and situations on a personal level. They can feel like a reflection of our own lives, with relatable struggles and humor. This is what an Instagram account, which we are about to discuss, does to grab the attention of people who love comics.

Ren is the creator of the web comic series Kamping Chicken. She’s an artist who enjoys drawing comics and watching Netflix. In 2017, the artist made her comic debut. The creator draws inspiration for her comics from her boyfriend and family, as well as from her own everyday life. She currently has an audience of 11,700 followers on her Instagram account. We have collected her best comics for you in the next gallery to make your mood good.

Credit: Kamping Chicken

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#1. Soup and Survivor

#2. Late to the party

#3. Fantasy


#4. Distracting

#5. Wedding

#6. Traditional Food


She draws humorous illustrations of ridiculous incidents that happen to her in real life. She mostly draws humorous events from people’s everyday lives in her comics. Her comics present everyday happenings from a fresh perspective. We could possibly be able to recognize the humorous or interesting sides of things by looking at her best comics, which are mostly based on a two-panel format.

#7. Traditional Wear

#8. Plants

#9. Historical Event


#10. Traditions

#11. Fruits

#12. Language


#13. Self Portrait

#14. Physical Therapy

She highlights the humorous aspects of her work and captures them. Her primary sources of inspiration are her love of art, her compassion, and her ability to find humor in the weird parts of life. The artist claims that in a world filled with negativity, her comics are the best way to see the positive aspects and moments. Please comment and share this blog. Make sure to click these two links Here And Here for even more fun.

#15. Alarm


#16. Phone Call

#17. Sweaty Time

#18. Blending the Onions


#19. Routine

#20. Thoughts

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