20 Sweet and Silly Comics about Bizarre Occurrences by Cartoonist Ren


Life is full of unexpected twists and turns, and the weirdest occurrences can leave us scratching our heads in surprise. These unusual occurrences provide inspiration for comic artists. This article delves into the world of humorous comics that beautifully depict the weirdness of everyday life. Meet Ren, an American artist known as a comedian. She highlights the humorous moments while also keeping them through her work. The title of the artist’s Instagram account is “Kamping Chicken.”

In 2017, the artist made his comic book debut. She has had a lifelong interest in drawing. She has 11,900 Instagram followers who adore his work. The artist gets his inspiration for making comics from his family. These comics frequently revolve around relatable scenarios, making light of otherwise frustrating or confusing situations. They excel at injecting a healthy dose of absurdity into everyday occurrences, reminding us not to take ourselves or life too seriously. Let’s take a look at some of her best comics in the following section.

Credit: Kamping Chicken

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#1. Snow Time


#2. Hilarious

#3. Sun


#4. Dream

#5. Best Therapy


Ren, an American artist, shines in this field by mixing her comic talent with her artistic abilities. She focuses on the unusual and quirky parts of a normal person’s daily existence. Her main goal in writing comics about such themes is to make people joyful and feel relatable. Her main focus in her comics is to portray amusing events in people’s everyday lives.

#6. Where?

#7. Heavy Breathing


#8. Picture Time

#9. Tough


#10. Screaming

#11. Feel So Drained


#12. Cat Fish

When we question her about how he comes up with concepts for her comics, She says it’s pretty simple: she watches ridiculous situations in everyday life and then transforms them into amusing cartoons. So that people can chuckle at their own ridiculous times. Hopefully, you enjoy her comics. Please leave a comment and share this blog. If you want to enjoy more, please click here.

#13. Air Plant


#14. Met Through Art

#15. Sneaking Around


#16. Best Work

#17. Serial Killers


#18. That Scares Me

#19. Love it


#20. Worst part of the hot days

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