20 Times Murrz Studio Shows Everyday Life Experiences of Married Life

Murrz Studio is a comic series that is famous for creating comics about the daily experiences of married life. It was created by a female artist whose name is Mary Park. She is a California-based comic artist. Her comics show her everyday life experiences in a quirky and colorful style. She mostly finds humor in relatable situations. The main theme of her comics is the adorable moments that happen between Mary and her boyfriend.

These moments are mostly filled with funny quirks and inside jokes. She is also the cat owner and started her Instagram account in 2015. Sometimes her comics deal with all the adorable and sometimes funny moments that come with them. She usually depicts herself with a partner in her drawings. Her work has attracted over 748,000 fans with its unique approach and humorous take on relationships.

Credit: Murrz Studio

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#1. Social Battery

#2. Pretty

#3. Own Reflection


#4. Before vs After

#5. Almost Dead

#6. use of prime account efficiently


She is the artist who discusses the highs and lows of relationships through the work she creates. She talks about common relationship problems like disagreements and confusion. She approaches everything with a sense of humor that gives her work a fresh and modern feel. Her drawings also highlight the minor everyday events that occur in relationships.

#7. When online dating begins to get depressing

#8. Debate This

#9. Observation skills


#10. A crime against steaks

#11. Every Morning

#12. Private University


#13. Cat Paws

Murrz typically portrays humorous scenarios, sharp assessments, and dramatic reactions in her drawings. Murrz Studio provides a broad variety of comedic categories to keep readers fascinated, ranging from four-panel jokes to longer stories. The panels give us the feeling of family and companionship because we recognize ourselves and our relationships reflected in them. To view more of her comics, check out these links: Here And Here.

#14. Big Face

#15. Still Pretty


#16. Boyfriend with headphones

#17. So Cool


#18. Deep thoughts

#19. Reading Comments

#20. Car Arm


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