20 Times Mrs. Frollein Makes Comics About Her Life With Her Partner

Mrs. Frollein is a very popular web comic series created by artist Valérie Minelli. She is the artist who is famous for making heartwarming and relatable comics about daily life, with a focus on the relationship between a couple and their cat. She observes a young couple whose touching and realistic daily lives she finds appealing. Her comics commonly employ simple gestures and everyday situations to show the couple’s love and concern for one another.

She is a twenty-six-year-old artist with talent. She makes many people able to relate to the pleasures and difficulties of daily life by capturing them. Her Instagram account currently has 473,000 followers as a result. Her work stands out with its emotional characters, gentle colors, and sharp lines. To brighten your day, we have gathered a selection of her finest comics in the following gallery.

Credit: Mrs Frollein

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#1. Guide

#2. Perfect Day

#3. Little Things


#4. No Regrets

#5. Stop Clenching

#6. Feels So Right


Additionally, she works as an illustrator for children’s books and studies in college. She loves all of her fantastic followers and looks forward to the day when she can make a living from her comics, even if she says that making comics is only a pastime for now. She also hopes that other people will be inspired by her beloved comics.

#7. Forgetful Princess

#8. Reflexes

#9. Crying


#10. Got a Job

#11. Appointment

#12. Smells Awful


#13. This is Us

#14. Scary

#15. Good Now


She mostly depicts everyday experiences most people can relate to, like struggles with mornings, trips to furniture stores, and the joys and frustrations of living with a loved one. Her main focus is on the sweetness of everyday moments and the love between the couple. There are even some touching moments that might make you tear up. If you want to enjoy more such moments, then click hereherehere, and here.

#16. Whole World

#17. Home

#18. Got Fat


#19. Shy Guy

#20. So Hot

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