20 Times Becks Comics Portrays the Hilarious Daily Adventures of Herself

Becks Comics is a comic series that is famous in the world of Instagram. The creator behind it introduced herself as a female artist with the name Becks. She has always wanted to make funny comics, but she wasn’t sure if she was skilled enough. For the following twenty years, she worked to be prepared. A few years ago, she just decided to start with this comic series. Now, it is well known among people.

The artist says that success takes a lot of time and dedication to achieve. Because few people want to succeed in a shorter period of time. But it is not true. The same was true in her case. She pursued her childhood interest by keeping struggling and awaiting the perfect time. Now, she is able to reach an audience of 84,900 followers on her Instagram account. If you are feeling bored, then check out his best comics in the next section.

Credit: Becks Comics

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#1. Graphic Designer

#2. What’s Wrong?

#3. Old Farm Game


#4. Part of the family

#5. Want to be an Artist

#6. Radio DJ


The artist draws comics about everything, from superheroes to anxieties, funny situations, and everyday life, all with the goal of making people laugh. She was just trying to make something that would make people smile. She is delighted to have succeeded. She’s been treated with love, and comments on her drawings are beginning to come in.

#7. Regular Girl

#8. Dressing

#9. dentist office security is crazy


#10. Get Him

#11. Turn Down the Air

#12. Kids


#13. Got it

#14. Pirate Stuff

She is an expert at bringing a decent amount of humor to typical situations, acting as calm advice to not take life or ourselves too seriously. Her comics typically focus on human experiences that shed light on sometimes confusing or troubling scenarios. We hope the blog is liked by all. By clicking here, you can also view his earlier work on our website.

#15. Stay Away


#16. Polly Pockets

#17. Delete Ladder

#18. Cooking Instructions


#19. Plot twist

#20. Hold Your Breath

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