20 Becks Comics Shows Bizarre Situations in a Hilarious Way

Becks Comics is a webcomic known for its absurd humor and bizarre situations. The creator of it chooses not to reveal her identity in order to protect her privacy with her audience. Since she was a young child, she has wanted to create humorous comics, but she has never felt competent enough. She waited to be ready for the next twenty years. She simply made the decision to begin with this comic a few years ago.


All she wanted to do was create something that would make people laugh. She is really happy that she achieved it. She has received a lot of kindness, and her drawings are starting to get positive feedback. Now she has 86,000 Instagram followers. With the intention of making people laugh, she creates comics on everything and anything, including superheroes, anxiety, her time spent in Japan, humorous scenarios, and ordinary everyday life. You can check out her best comics in the following section.

Credit: Becks Comics

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#1. Posts


#2. Unforgiveable


#3. Something’s missing

#4. Unbreakable


#5. Let’s See

The creator draws inspiration for his comics from his family members. These comics usually center on relatable experiences, clarifying otherwise confusing or puzzling situations. She is a master at infusing a good dose of silliness into ordinary events, serving as a gentle reminder to not take life or ourselves too seriously. Her primary objective when creating comics about these subjects is to bring joy and relatability to readers.

#6. Every Episode


#7. Reality TV

#8. Stop that


#9. More doctors

#10. Dressing


#11. Cavity Search

#12. Good Listener


#13. New Comic

#14. Will


#15. Normal

She makes humorous comic strips with a little bit of black humor. She addresses a wide range of subjects in her comics, including relationships, technology, life, death, and many more. Be sure to check out Becks Comics if you’re searching for a web comic that’s hilarious. We hope the blog is liked by all. Remember to share it. By following this link, you can view his earlier work on Bored Comics.

#16. Driving me crazy


#17. Annoy everyone

#18. Cooking Instructions


#19. Look Harder

#20. Old Pocket


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