20 Raylux Comics Full of Weird Situations to Make You Laugh Out Loud

Life is full of struggles and challenges. Overcoming difficulties and challenges makes you strong and teaches you valuable skills. But to overcome such situations, the best way is to spend some time on yourself by doing things that make you happy. If you are a comics lover, then a good collection of comics can make you happy. For this, you have to stay connected with us and enjoy reading this blog by scrolling down.

Let me introduce an Instagram account with the username Raylux. The owner of this comic series named it by his own name. He is a very skilled artist from the United States who joined the Instagram platform in 2012. There are about 2,027 people who follow him on his Instagram account. The artist always makes comics based on a four-panel format. We have collected some of his best comics for you to make your day better. For this, keep scrolling through the below section.

Credit: Raylux

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#1. Leave it alone

#2. The Moth man Hierarchy

#3. Best Friend


#4. Making comics is my passion

#5. Big foot is a time traveler

#6. Humans Are very intelligent


His popular comics highlight the strange aspects of life and are witty and realistic. He claims that kindness and an ability to find humor in the weird parts of life are his biggest sources of inspiration. His work mostly focuses on embarrassing moments in daily life and thoughts on current life. That’s how the artist gets ideas for his comics to make them eye-catching and amusing.

#7. What a Mess

#8. Later Mom

#9. Aliens only abduct white people


#10. NASA is Cool

#11. Humanity is Full of Shit

#12. Baby on the way


#13. Hand Placement

#14. Out of it

The artist feels that his emotions are filled whenever he can make somebody smile and laugh. He creates art for unusual situations and quirks in everyday life. His comics are mostly used to depict amusing events from people’s daily lives. His primary objective when creating comics about these subjects is to create laughter and a sense of relatability in readers. Have a great time reading this blog.

#15. Finish Line


#16. Invented Printing

#17. Typical Aliens

#18. The lesser Known Story


#19. The many fruits of devotion

#20. What’s Wrong?

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