20 Good Bear Comics Based on Hilarious Observations to Make You Laugh

Good Bear Comics is a web comic series created by artist James Lecarpentier. His comics show wholesome and heartwarming illustrations with a dash of humor. He mostly depicts everyday situations or observations in a cute and relatable story. He started this comic series in 2017. After making comics for a few years and getting positive feedback from people all over the world, he is unable to continue due to his busy schedule.

That’s why he is able to grasp an audience of 110,000 followers, and they stop growing. Because he has not posted new comics on his Instagram account for many years. He is the artist who has a brilliant sense of humor, due to which he never fails to make people laugh through his fabulous content. We have collected some of his best comics in the following gallery.

Credit: Good Bear Comics

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#1. Dangerous

#2. Fur Coat

#3. Big Bone


#4. Ghost

#5. Last Stand

#6. Early Scout


He is the artist who knows how to make people laugh. His comics are mostly based on two to four panels. The artist adds humor and clever puchlines to every panel of his comics. When the reader sees her comics, he thinks he gets the joke in the first panel, but when he reads the other, it makes them laugh out loud. That’s how he makes his loyal followers laugh.

#7. Defense

#8. Bird Attack

#9. Talk


#10. Bad experience

#11. Guest

#12. Who?


#13. Oral

#14. Adventure

James produces more than just comics. He establishes a group of people. He combines comments from his fans into his work and listens to them as well. He says that it is a group laughter session that includes fans in the humor and draws them closer to the creative process. If you find this blog interesting and want to enjoy it more, then feel free to click here and here.

#15. Christmas


#16. Animal farm

#17. Hell

#18. Hilarious


#19. Adult Store

#20. Games

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