Here are 25 Ridiculous Comics From “Good Bear Comics” Filled with Dark Puns

Everyone enjoys a good laugh, but not all of us can laugh at dark jokes. Luckily, there are artists who have a dark sense of humor to satisfy the darkest souls. Meet James Lecarpentier, the creator behind the popular webcomic “Good Bear Comics,” who never ceases to amaze his readers with his hilarious comics full of unexpected endings. He has won over 87,600 followers all around the world. 

Good Bear’s comics are typically short, punchy, and darkly funny. They often feature anthropomorphic animals or other whimsical characters, which serve as a playful contrast to the sometimes grim subject matter of the comics. Many of the comics are also filled with puns and wordplay, which add an extra layer of humor to the already absurd scenarios. He also engages with his followers regularly, responding to comments and messages and even creating comics based on their suggestions. 

Though there aren’t many ideas for producing comic strips, there are. The artist consistently strikes a balance between idealistic idealization and harsh reality, which leads to unexpected conclusions. One of the defining features of Good Bear Comics is his use of puns. He often incorporates puns in the titles and captions of his comics, as well as in the dialogue between characters. This use of wordplay adds an extra layer of humor to his comics and makes them stand out from other artists on the platform. We have compiled his recent 20 illustrations in the next section.

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Credit: Good Bear Comics

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#1. Presidents Day

#2. Happy Valentines Day

#3. Don’t mind my appearance

#4. You missed

#5. Honk! Honk!

#6. Janitor

#7. Race

#8. Prank Call

#9. Chickens

#10. Place to eat

#11. Mice attack

#12. Birthday gift

#13. Use the bathroom

#14. Sweet prince

#15. Many tanks

#16. Sally

#17. Take out

#18. Career change

#19. Cat fish

#20. That’s a good year

#21. Rooster

#22. The intervention

#23. Parts not included

#24. Poker

#25. Mouse justice

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