20 Dark Comics by “Good Bear Comics” That Will Make Your Mood Happy 

Anyone’s preferred leisure activities can include participating in sports, cooking mouthwatering meals, taking care of their skin, and hanging out with friends. But have you ever considered trying something you’ve never done before? We’re willing to bet that a large portion of you prefer to stay inside and read in bed. Things are worth experiencing, in any case, as long as they are wholesome, aren’t they? This is why, if you have the time, we strongly advise you to check out comics, especially the humorous ones!

If you enjoy dark comedy, James Lecarpentier’s comics are without a doubt your best choice! His most well-known series, “Good Bear Comics,” has won over tens of thousands of followers all around the world. Comics are recognized as the first form of art to successfully transmit dark humor to readers. Though there aren’t many ideas for producing comic strips, there are. The artist consistently strikes a balance between idealistic idealization and harsh reality, which leads to unexpected conclusions.

Since he was a little child, he has always appreciated comics and paintings. At the time of this writing, he has 85,800 followers on Instagram. Even as a child, he challenged himself to try sketching everything, from cartoons to portraits. Regardless of how upset he feels while drawing them, his comics are entertaining to read. Many of them have not been displayed because they are so challenging and demanding. We hope that reading his comics will brighten your day.

Credit: Good Bear Comics

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