20 Sheemics Comics Based on Hilarious and Awkward Situations 

Humor mostly comes from the embarrassment we feel for the characters. It’s a safe way to laugh at the awkwardness without having to experience it ourselves. There are many comic artists on the Instagram platform who create comics on such themes. They think that these situations happen to almost all of us. But at that time, we ignored them, and later on, when we saw them in comics, we laughed.

On the Instagram platform, there is one female artist who is perfect for it. She goes by the username @Sheemics on her Instagram account. She started creating comics in 2019. The artist describes herself on her Instagram bio as a lazy artist with zero consistency. And it is true because she makes comics for some time only, which results in a very low number of followers on her Instagram account. Let’s check out her best comics.

Credit: Sheemics

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#1. Tell me Kid

#2. Interview

#3. Sniff


#4. Class Notes


#5. Waxed Legs and Hands

#6. English Teacher

The artist says that she loves to draw awkward moments in her comics. She gets the most of her ideas for her comics from her daily life. Because she believes that she is not the only one who faces it. She creates comics with herself as the main character, and they are mostly based on random and hilarious situations with the ultimate goal of making people laugh.

#7. Aliens


#8. Eat it

#9. Let It Go

#10. Tooth Less


#11. Steam X-ray

#12. Hair Fall

#13. Gay


#14. True Callers

She is the artist who depicts everyday scenarios with a humorous twist, often highlighting the awkwardness of social interactions. Her comics mostly depend on a four-panel format and caption to deliver the punchline, making them perfect for capturing an awkward moment. By laughing at awkward situations in comics, we can release some of the tension we might feel in similar situations ourselves.

#15. Got it

#16. Free Hugs


#17. Clicking Pictures

#18. Part 2

#19. Part 3


#20. Part 4

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