20 Dark Comics with Sudden Twists and Unexpected Endings by an Artist, “Ruth”




Some comics don’t require an introduction. Some don’t need it because they are well-known enough, but in the modern world, they could be so ridiculous that drawing a line around them makes it hard to outline them. Similar to this, there is a comic strip creator whose comics are hilarious and do not require any introduction.

Meet the talented British artist Ruth Young, whose comic is vibrant and emotional. The first option Ruth considers is acting. Her dramatic jokes are as funny and entertaining as her comedic performances. Additionally, their comical twists are really entertaining, and when you read comics with shocking conclusions, you want something else.

Ruth is a freelance artist who enjoys drawing. Her stories center on everyday life with a lighthearted spin. Her comics are mostly two or four panels long. She is growing quickly and has over 18,300 Instagram followers. The artist is currently doing her best to improve her sleeping schedule, which is currently a little difficult. She took a break as a result. Here are a few of her most recent comics. You can follow her on Instagram if you enjoy her art. Scroll and enjoy yourself.

Credit: Ruthy Comics

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