20 Comics Captures Misadventures of Muslim-American Women

The amusing and relatable comics on the popular Instagram profile Yes, I Am Hot In This, which has 304,000 followers, are well-known. The author and creator of this webcomic series is Huda Fahmy, an American Muslim artist, writer, and public speaker. Fahmy created an Instagram page in 2015 to share her experiences as a Hijabi Muslim woman with the world and to voice her opinions. Since then, many media outlets have featured her comics.

The book was a finalist for the National Novel Award and chronicles the experiences of a Muslim American youngster dealing with home life and high school. She posts her ideas and artwork on Instagram. She is well-known for her perceptive and funny commentary on a wide range of subjects, including pop culture, politics, Muslim identity, and mental health. The next section features her best 20 illustrations. You can also see her earlier posts by clicking here.

Credit: Yes, I Am Hot In This

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#1. Compliment

#2. Double standards

#3. The wind chimes are part of the family now

#4. Precious

#5. Girl compliments just hit different

#6. What a stalker

She is the only illustrator brave enough to create comics about such a subject. Numerous subjects are covered in her comics, such as social justice, politics, culture, relationships, and love. In addition, she clarifies myths regarding Muslims and the hijab, challenges opinions, and shares her own story. Because her comics are unique from those of other artists, this explains why they are so well-liked.

#7. The best cleaning hack

#8. The best security system

#9. Dish Washer

#10. Clean

#11. Take so long

#12. How to fit in with office culture

#13. Office

The experiences of a slightly sweating Muslim-American woman and her companions are chronicled in her comics. Fahmy has a devoted fan base thanks to her amusing and approachable characters. She shares unique stories to assist her audience in understanding her point of view, drawing from her own observations and experiences. Her comics provide readers with a glimpse into the life of a Muslim woman and reveal perspectives that are often missing from mainstream media.

#14. I could not tell them apart

#15. Tell me more

#16. Perfect Guy

#17. Can we keep her?

#18. Drama

#19. Friend

#20. Investment

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