20 Heart-touching Comics Beautifully Capture the Lives of Muslim Women in America

A well-liked Instagram page called “Yes, I am hot in this” with a following of 314,000 people is well-known for its amusing and relatable cartoons. Huda Fahmy, an American Muslim artist, writer, and public speaker living in the United States, is the creator of this webcomic series. In order to share her experiences as a hijabi Muslim woman with the world and to express her viewpoints, Fahmy began an Instagram page in 2015. Her comics have since appeared in numerous media sources.

One of the things that makes Fahmy’s comics so popular is their relatability. Her comics touch on a variety of topics, including love, relationships, culture, politics, and social justice. She also addresses common misconceptions about Muslims and the hijab, challenging stereotypes and offering insights into her experiences. She draws from her own experiences and observations, sharing personal stories that help her audience understand her perspective. Her comics offer a glimpse into the world of a Muslim woman, providing insights that are often missing from mainstream media.

Her work often combines humor and social commentary, making it accessible to a wide audience. For example, in one of her most popular comics, she depicts herself standing in front of a mirror, wearing a hijab and a t-shirt that reads, “Yes, I am hot in this.” The comic is a clever response to the common question that hijabi women often hear: “Don’t you get hot in that?” The comic has resonated with many people, both within and outside of the Muslim community, and has become a slogan that represents empowerment and self-confidence. You can check her recent 20 illustrations in the next section.

Credit: Yes, I am Hot in this

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#1. No one actually cares

#2. Happy Ramadan!

#3. Smile!

#4. Close enough!

#5. Cultural diversity workshop

#6. Skin care routine

#7. Spending time together

#8. When they want our face but not our voices

#9. When everything you do is exoticized

#10. Interested in investing

#11. Favourite dish

#12. Matrix but make it muslim

#13. Funny meme

#14. Your people

#15. Breakfast

#16. Absolutely not!

#17. Really?

#18. Movies

#19. Hijab flip

#20. Fitting room

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