20 Carb Comics Based on Hilarious Moments That Happen with Us

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Today’s hurried environment has everyone preoccupied with their own tasks. Among the several internet humor artists, we would like to recommend the hilarious comics from Carb Comics. As we know, you never pass up the opportunity to laugh. Because he refuses to reveal a lot about himself, the artist of Carb Comics made the decision to remain unknown. In addition to being an MBA student, he aspires to be an animator and chip expert.


He is a brilliant artist from India who started making comics in 2018. He does not want to study as an MBA student. Because he wants to become a comic artist. But he does both because of his family, and he succeeds in them. That’s why he has an audience of 12,000 followers on his Instagram account. If you are feeling bored and want to enjoy some of his best comics, then you must scroll down to the section below.

Credit: Carb Comics

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#1. Sure Babe

image 2908

#2. Breaking all the walls

image 2909

#3. Over Thinking

image 2910

#4. Smoking is injurious to health

image 2911

#5. Great Life

image 2912

#6. Tasty

image 2913

Being a master of language, he captures hilarious jokes about everyday happenings. His comics have large, expressive eyes and an easy-to-understand, appealing style. The humorous style of Carb Comics is simple and relatable. Each comic is a reflection of everyday life, and the illustrator’s clever captions expertly express the positive aspects of each situation.

#7. Cloudy Days

image 2914

#8. Do not be Stupid

image 2915

#9. Don’t try this in real life

image 2916

#10. Bored

image 2917
image 2918

#11. Pimples

image 2919

#12. Rainbow

image 2921

#13. Little Makeup

image 2920

#14. Huge Respect

image 2922

For those who enjoy good comedy, Carb Comics has grown to be a popular space for comics lovers. This is an account you should absolutely follow if you are searching for a good laugh and a relatable perspective on daily life. Hopefully, you enjoy the blog. Remember to share it and leave a comment. You are welcome to click here and here to appreciate it even more.

#15. Do not Move

image 2923

#16. Brace yourself

image 2924

#17. Wish

image 2925

#18. Just a suggestion

image 2926

#19. Cannibals be like

image 2927

#20. It’s the thought that counts

image 2928

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