20 Captain Scratchy Comics Shows the Hilarious Observations of Animals

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Captain Scratchy is a web comic created by freelance cartoonist Chuck Ingwersen. His journey with Captain Scratchy began in 2009. This comic series features hilarious animal cartoons and comics featuring animals of all kinds, including bears, horses, sharks, dogs, cats, cows, chickens, humans, and more. His sense of humor is a combination of funny animal characters, clever dialogues, and unexpected twists.


At the start of this comic series, the comics revolved around two housemates, Rick and Rufus. Rick is a cat, and Rufus is a dog. Their everyday lives are likely relatable to pet owners. Over the years, new characters were added, and the comic strips expanded to include more than just the original characters and storylines. Now he has 52,800 followers on his Instagram account. Let’s enjoy some of his best comics in the next section.

Credit: Captain Scratchy

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#1. Prank

image 2665

#2. Hug The Bear

image 2666

#3. Answered

image 2669

#4. Shark

image 2667

#5. Graduation Ceremony

image 2670

#6. Avoid this doctor

image 2671

Among the well-known figures are Rick and the Cat, who appear to be disturbed by everything. Dog Rufus is a relaxed housemate who enjoys taking on new challenges. The horse with a short temper who is ultimately sympathetic is Beatrice. Larry the Beaver is a slow, always drunk mouse who has a soft spot for babies. Doug is a sad bear who enjoys being by himself.

#7. There’s just no escaping them

image 2672

#8. woman needs to keep her distance

image 2673

#9. Horrifying Scream

image 2674

#10. A lot of this is going around

image 2675

#11. No Idea

image 2676

#12. Horse in a chair

image 2677

#13. Down Cold

image 2678

#14. Hear Me

image 2679

#15. Stupid Swimmers

image 2680

The online comic’s creator says that his inspiration for it came from his love of animals. He also believes that the humorous nature of animal characters draws comic book readers to them. Furthermore, utilizing depictions of animals for expressing feelings and thoughts is easy. Click these links to view his comics: HereHere, And Here.

#16. Drunk

image 2681

#17. Talking Shark

image 2682

#18. Animal Confession

image 2683

#19. Legacy

image 2684

#20. Out of Salmon

image 2686

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