How it Looks to Live with a Dog Perfectly Captured in 20 Hilarious Comics

Gemma Gene, also known as 157 of Gemma, is an illustrator and comic artist who has perfectly captured the joys and struggles of living with a dog in her hilarious comics. Her work is beloved by dog owners and animal lovers alike for its relatable humor and adorable illustrations. In her comics, Gemma captures the many ways that dogs bring happiness and chaos to our lives. She currently has a huge audience of 357,000 Instagram followers.

From the joy of snuggling up with a furry friend on the couch to the frustration of cleaning up after them when they get into the trash, Gemma’s comics perfectly capture the ups and downs of life with a dog. One recurring theme in Gemma’s comics is the way that dogs seem to have endless energy and enthusiasm, even when we don’t. Whether it’s begging for walks when we’re feeling lazy or demanding attention when we’re trying to work, dogs have a way of keeping us on our toes.

Gemma’s comics also explore the unique bond that develops between humans and dogs. From the way that dogs can sense our moods and offer comfort when we’re feeling down to the unbreakable bond that forms between a dog and its owner, Gemma’s work celebrates the special connection that dogs bring to our lives. Overall, Gemma’s comics are a hilarious and heartwarming tribute to the joys and challenges of living with a dog. Whether you’re a lifelong dog owner or just a fan of cute animal comics, her work is sure to make you smile.

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Credit: 157 of Gemma

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#1. Why is life like this?

#2. Feeding

#3. True story


#4. Mochi turned an accidental hero

#5. My best mom hack

#6. Stop it!


#7. So cute

#8. Who’s right?

#9. Quick to fall asleep


#10. Good night!

#11. The heart attack game

#12. Dead soon!


#13. Mochi hates it

#14. Hug

#15. I’m so sick


#16. What’s this?

#17. Woof!!

#18. Peli’s favorite hobby


#19. Behind every cute dog photo

#20. Mochi’s logic

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