These 25 Adorable Comics illustrate What’s it like to live with a Dog?

These 25 Adorable Comics illustrate What’s it like to live with a Dog?

One of the best things about social media and the internet is how simple it is for everyone to access comics. It has made it possible for women to establish themselves in this world, and that is very motivating. And being a part of that is humbling. I hope to see even more female comic book creators since there are already so many. I wish I had had access to all of this when I was a child.

The majority of pet owners think that the bond you share with your fluffy friend is unshakable. Gemma Gené is a multi-skilled artist from Barcelona, Spain, currently based in New York. She is the fortunate owner of a lovely pug named Mochi. For her webcomic series “157 of Gemma,” she is well known. She shows their charming, unbreakable relationship in relevant daily comics by sharing her amusing day-to-day experiences.

Gemma makes sculptures, paintings, and drawings, but her wonderfully amusing comics—which anyone with a dog can identify with—are what she is best known for. She currently has 360,000 Instagram fans. Mochi, my husband Peli, and I are the three major characters, according to Gemma’s website. “Mochi is a really sweet and content puppy that has a specific outlook on life. Sleeping, eating, and taking walks—especially when carried—are some of his favorite activities. Check out some of her adorable artwork.

Credit: 157 of gemma

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